Close inspection of my work reveals subtle rivulets and blotches where the media have gone off on its own. This excites me because I can then create meaning from the chaos linking the artist and the media as one. My work serves as a tool for communication. It offers a personal message that differs from social media, SMS messaging, and other 21st Century communication methods. It opens up a conversation between myself as the artist/transmitter and the viewer/receiver. I love to receive feedback from those that see my work because this completes the dialog, and ultimately the artwork itself. 

I am an artist because I create within an ocean of concepts. The contemporary world is one of disorder and chaos, surrounded by images, communication, and information all traveling at the speed of light. It easy to get lost in this sea of ideas. Creating art is my way of sailing these waters. My art allows me to see where I am going, and creates links to the beliefs, concepts, and meaning of those that have come before me. I am standing on the shoulders of giants and I create art because it is my compass by which to see. I work primarily with drawing media and watercolors. I like to let the composition be fluid and flow across the picture plane.  

Adrift in a Sea of Knowledge 2016

Adrift in a sea of knowledge watercolor

Peter Klubek