This image was initially inspired by a painting of a birch tree. After seeing it, reflections on the texture of the bark, the color, shape of the leaves, and everything that makes a birch tree stand out were called to mind. These reflections lead to the realization that these trees do not grow where the artist now lives. Further thoughts focused on tree variety and how trees don’t just grow anywhere. Forests are described by trees, but there are different types of forests based on the trees that live there. It is easy to forget that trees are living beings, but when one pauses to look at them in their own forested environment it can be more easily seen that they are each unique and have individual characteristics. Forests are full of life and a unique energy. This image speaks to an appreciation of trees, and all the elements that describe what a tree should be.

"The Forest Through the Trees"


Watercolor, Charcoal, and Oil on Mixed paper

Peter Klubek