Peter Klubek

Artist Statement

Peter Klubek uses his art to think about the environment, the design of railroad locomotives, and non-verbal communication. He offers a fresh perspective to everyday people, objects, and plants by presenting them in an original context.   

The faces of the people in his paintings are often not expressive, but nonetheless convey energy and emotion. This results in relationships being drawn between communication, existence, and understanding between one another. The locomotives in much of his art evoke an era when steam and rail travel was commonplace. Klubek has a passion for railroads and his images reflect this. His work asks how such machines exist, and how their appearance can widely vary. The natural world is mostly represented in his work though depictions of plant life. As a subject matter, he gives his plants an expressive quality more often associated with figurative art. Human infrastructure, when included in these paintings, plays second fiddle to the natural world and offers a backdrop to the featured greenery.

These three different reflections are united by the unique style that Klubek delivers. Ultimately the art of Peter Klubek is a representation of the thoughts and observations of one individual reaching out to the broader world around him.